Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions
Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions is an Ohio citizen-driven, community based organization recognized as a §501(c)(4) by the Internal Revenue Service.

Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions

Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions is an Ohio citizen-driven, community based organization recognized as a §501(c)(4) by the Internal Revenue Service.

Citizens-Initiated Statute (2012 Ballot Initiative) to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions 

Ohio has no laws preventing dog auctions. 

Many concerned citizens firmly believe the auctions serve not reputable breeders but large commercial facilities where dogs are bred to produce as many puppies as possible in conditions ranging from unsanitary to inhumane.  

The Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions is spearheading a citizen-backed ballot initiative – the Ohio Dog Auctions Act (LSC 129 2393).

The measure (similar in language to
Pennsylvania's Statute 459-603) will establish a statute to the Ohio Dog Law making it illegal for anyone to auction or raffle a dog in Ohio. It also would prohibit bringing dogs into the state for sale or trade that were acquired by auction or raffle elsewhere.

5/30/12 UPDATE!    

As of this moment, CBODA has has successfully raised over $250,000 in financial commitments towards our efforts to ban dog auctions in Ohio.  
Unfortunately, we were not successful in securing 100% of the remaining $580,000 in necessary financial commitments by May 21 to move our ballot initiative to the voters in 2012. 
Although we were very disappointed to miss reaching this critical milestone in our fundraising efforts, CBODA will continue to work with local, state and national animal advocacy groups and enforcement agencies to actively address – through investigations, education, media relations and legislative activities - Ohio dog auctions and their relationship to puppy mills and pet homelessness.

5/3/12 UPDATE!

After three months of intense lobbying which included calls/letters/visits to state legislators from
Ohio voters and taxpayers, language from the Ohio Dog Auctions Act was submitted TWICE as part of an amendment to AM Sub HB 487.   Unfortunately, the House Finance and Appropriations Committee voted to exclude the language both times!   

We now must complete an important fundraising goal which will be critical to moving our ballot initiative to the voters!   

Given that the Ohio General Assembly has failed to pass the Ohio Dog Auctions Act by May 3, CBODA will move forward with plans for the "Final Phase" of signature gathering necessary to bring the Ohio Dog Auctions Act to the voters in November!   This strategy will include the hiring of paid circulators from the firm PPM (whose partner is a HUGE dog lover!) to ensure we meet the Secretary of State’s required 115,570 certified signatures from Ohio voters by July 4, 2012!      

According to Secretary of State, Jon Husted, each state ballot measure (includes the Ohio Dog Auctions Act) costs Ohio taxpayers upwards of $1 million dollars!    In addition to this cost, CBODA will need to raise $830,000 for the services of paid circulators from PPM to ensure we secure a minimum of 115,520 certified signatures from Ohio registered voters!  This is extremely important to move the Ohio Dog Auctions Act to the voters!

As of this moment, CBODA has successfully raised $200,000 in financial commitments towards this effort, with an additional $300,000 in potential financial commitments in the "pipeline".  By May 21,2012, our goal is to ensure we have received 100% of the $830,000 in necessary financial commitments to help move the Ohio Dog Auctions Act to the ballot!  


The Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions (CBODA) is an Ohio citizen-driven, community-based, bipartisan coalition that has come together to address Ohio dog auctions through the 2012 ballot initiative (Ohio Dog Auctions Act, LSC 129 2393).  

Our supporters include a diverse section of Ohio's humane community, including but not limited to, voters and taxpayers from all sectors of Ohio's economy.  More than 1,000 volunteers have stepped forward to circulate our petitions, with their mission to put the Ohio Dog Auctions Act on the ballot in November 2012.  

As of today, we firmly believe much of what has contributed to our incredible success is the fact that our Coalition is 100% volunteer driven with funding to sustain our campaign provided through the generosity of many Ohio citizens and their immediate and extended families.  Their confidence in our ability to help the dogs suffering in puppy mills is what keeps us focused, motivated and passionate on our mission to end dog auctions in Ohio.  

Anna's Send Out Cards!

The Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions (CBODA) has partnered with small business owner and animal advocate, Anna Barnett, to donate a portion of all sales from Anna's Send Out Cards towards our 2012 ballot initiative!  

In less than 60 seconds, Anna’s Send Out Cards enables supporters to choose their custom greeting card, add a personal photo, write their heartfelt, inspirational, or cheerful message and click send.

Anna’s Send Out Cards will print, stuff, stamp and mail your personalized greeting cards to any postal address anywhere in the world, all for less than the average price of a greeting card at the store!  

gift selection is icing on the cake to this great service and allows friends and supporters to go the extra mile to help end dog auctions in Ohio.  This incredible animal advocate is truly dedicated to Changing Lives...One Card at a Time!

Raise Awareness!

"While there are no plans to reopen the is not prudent for the Ohio Professional Dog Breeders Association to say they will never re-open the Ohio Dog Auction."  

Polly Britton, Lobbyist for Ohio Association of Animal Owners, in a January 5, 2012 Media Release 

Click here to view inside a dog auction...  

Businesses and groups from all over Central Ohio have been showing their support by writing letters, organizing and making their views known.

But we need to turn up the volume. Our elected officials need to know without a doubt that this issue matters. With more strategic action, we can end dog auctions in Ohio. Very simply, it is our choice.

If you would like to share your concerns regarding the Ohio Dog Auctions, we would encourage you to:    

1. Write (or fax) a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper asking them to support the Ohio Dog Auctions Act, LSC 129 2393.  Emphasize that you will not be spending any dollars in counties that support dog auctions and puppy mills! 


Click here for a Media Directory of Ohio's Major News Sources.


2. Ask the same from all your friends, family, co-workers and state elected officials!  Click here to locate your state legislators. 

Puppy mills are a glaring embarrassment for Ohio that we desperately need to address. Unfortunately, Senate Bill 130 amounts to little more than a wolf in sheep's clothing. The proposed legislation protects high-volume breeders more than dogs or pet buyers.

Senate Bill 130 is poorly crafted legislation endorsed by the Ohio Professional Dog Breeders Association, an organization whose members represent the majority of Ohio's USDA licensed puppy mill breeders. The association is one of the top financial contributors to Rep. Dave Hall, chairman of the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee.

Placing a puppy mill bill under Hall's committee has in effect put a fox in charge of the hen house. This could explain why Senate Bill 130 allows surgical births without a licensed veterinarian. It also could explain why it subjects regulation violators to fines of $25, a pittance for puppy mill operators who made $9 million in Holmes County in 2009.

It's inconceivable that our state senators passed a bill to address animal cruelty with no clearly defined funding mechanism. Without reinstatement of language requiring high-volume breeders to pay license and litter registration fees, Senate Bill 130 could cost Ohio taxpayers $3 million annually.

Worse yet, Senate Bill 130 includes no animal care standards. As Pennsylvanians and those in states with similar legislation have found, Ohio is unlikely to be rid of puppy mills without including in this bill: a clear definition of the breeders to be regulated; aggressive enforcement with more than a biennial state inspection; a dog auction ban; and high care standards including reasonably sized kennels instead of cages; unfettered access to dog runs; and regular veterinary care.

Voters should urge their state representative to recommend revisions to Senate Bill 130 to provide greater protection for dogs, not puppy mills.

Kathy Burke, Concord Township

The State Auto Connection

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  A HUGE thanks to those of you who signed our Petition, made personal calls and wrote letters to the CEO, Robert Restrepo, Jr.  Because of YOU, State Auto has made the decision to discontinue their relationship with the Buckeye Dog Auction effective June 30, 2007! 

Many concerned citizens from around the country have recently learned that State Auto Mutual Insurance Company serves as the underwriter for the Buckeye Dog Auction (Certificate 6913179). State Auto writes business in 27 states from Michigan to Florida and from Utah to Virginia through more than 3,000 independent agencies. Their 2,000-plus employees work out of the corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, ten regional and branch offices, and numerous claim service offices throughout their operating territory.

Voice your concerns to State Auto!  As Forbes magazine’s choice as the 2006 “Best Managed” Insurance company in America, request that State Auto end their business relationship with the Buckeye Dog Auction by signing the Petition
Justice for Dogs Sold During the Buckeye Dog Auction.

Your signature will make a difference in the lives of canine companions who cannot speak for themselves.
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